Credit Risk

The team at Campion Pickworth is passionate about Credit Risk, whether it’s the latest machine learning techniques used for credit decisioning for a fintech, or helping a bank recruit a wealth of modellers for its AIRB project. Our dedicated team has years of experience, understanding the marketplace and the talent within it. We may not be the biggest agency out there, but our vast experience in recruiting within the financial sector means we are the right choice for both clients and candidates.

We successfully recruit in all Credit Risk functions, placing professionals with detailed knowledge of identifying and measuring risk, as well as reporting and management.
We deliver proven results, successfully recruiting across all areas of the Credit Risk lifecycle.

Our Clients

We understand the differing needs of organisations within each sector, whether you’re looking for someone to perform the various analytical functions involved in Credit Risk management or for a candidate with expertise in a particular area, such as Acquisition Strategy, Basel II and Basel III frameworks, Active Credit Portfolio Management or Quantitative Analytics. We position your brand to target the people you want to hire, attracting top talent from across the industry. Our recruitment process is tailored around the individual needs of your organisation, however large or small.

Based in London, we work with a variety of clients within the financial sector, both in the UK and international clients. This includes investment banks, challenger banks, retail banks, global banks, hedge funds, fintechs, consultancies, consumer credit agencies and ratings agencies. Our clients span the breadth of financial services, and we’re on the preferred list of suppliers for many of the top employers within this sector.

Our Candidates

Our team find and connect with skilled professionals who want to advance their careers. We put a real focus on the candidate journey, ensuring Credit Risk is the area they aspire to work and excel in, handling the pressures and responsibilities which come with a role in risk analytics.

We utilise our wide network of contacts to headhunt the best candidates for our clients. We have a large risk-focused database of candidates which we use, alongside advertising services to find the right candidate for a role.

We look at everything from the specialist skillset and experience individuals possess for this type of role to whether they’re a match for your business culture, before introducing them to your organisation. Candidates can also find vacancies here on our site.

Why work with us

Since the 2008 financial crash, Credit Risk management is more important than ever, particularly given the plethora of regulatory change such as XVA, floors on LGD and the change in the definition of default and IFRS9. We partner with our clients to assist with their growth plans and Credit Risk expertise shortages, including decision science, counterparty Credit Risk and IRB (PD, LGD and EAD).

Our unrivalled wealth of expertise gives us the edge in a competitive marketplace where demand is high for Credit Risk specialists. We have a genuine passion for Credit Risk management, with an in-depth understanding of the market and the people who work in it. Whether you want to expand your existing team, or need an excellent candidate to fulfil a vacancy, our team can assist. We offer confidential advice, market intelligence, remuneration guidance and career support across the Credit Risk arena.

We can also find candidates for roles within Market Risk and Operational Risk, as well as Stress Testing, Capital and Model Risk.

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