Campion Pickworth has the knowledge to deliver the highest calibre candidates to suit your needs across the Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk and Capital & Model Risk sectors. We listen to our clients to fully understand their requirements, including the technical elements, in order to deliver highly qualified and experienced candidates. Based in London, we’ve worked with a wealth of both UK and international clients, including banks (retail, challenger and investment), hedge funds, fintechs, credit rating agencies, consumer credit agencies and many more. We have years of experience, building up a robust knowledge of the marketplace and the people who work within the financial sector. As a result, we’re a preferred supplier for top employers within the industry.

Delivery is the single most important attribute that defines a search firm. Campion Pickworth has a proven track record of delivering what our clients want. Our in-depth recruitment process covers everything from the qualifications and experience of candidates to whether they’re a good match for your organisation. With strong attention to detail, we carefully evaluate candidates’ aspirations and goals, their knowledge, and how they would fit in with your organisation’s culture. We utilise our wide network of contacts to headhunt the best candidates for our clients. We have a large risk-focused database of candidates which we use, alongside advertising services, to find the right candidate for a role.

When selecting a search firm you want to ensure that the company will act with the highest level of conduct. We act with honesty, respect and integrity, so you can be confident of our service at all times. Through this philosophy we have clients who are guaranteed to use us time after time. If you want to be one of those clients please contact us.

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